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Make an informed decision with an Instant Vehicle History Report from an online VIN lookup

What can you

Expect From Our Reports?

Title Check

You can easily get car title history with the help of our records. You will be able to learn if the title of the vehicle is branded or not. It helps you to make the right decision regarding the purchase of a used vehicle. Knowing the title can provide you with some healthy information regarding the vehicle.

Service History

Get a Car History Report and find out the service history of your vehicle. It is crucial to learn to make sure your vehicle is going well and how much longevity is there. You will be able to access the possible dealer maintenance and other service records.

Problem Checklist

Our reports will allow you to learn every single thing about your vehicle, including the problems it has. You will be able to learn if the vehicle is lemon or not. Our reports will allow you to learn the reconstructed vehicle information, and much more.

Accident History

Do a VIN Number checkup now and learn about the accidental history of your vehicle. You will be able to find out how many times the vehicle has been involved in accidents. You will also learn about how much damage it suffered during those instances.
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What is Included in Car History Reports?

Look up GoodCar’s best-in-class and affordable Vehicle History Reports by VIN or license plate. Find title records, auto specs, accidents and damage history, problem checks, pricing, and more information! Explore GoodCar records to find (when available):

How To Order Vehicle History Report?

We’ve got you covered. Entering your VIN code into our form will give you access to all sorts of information about the used vehicle, including its vehicle history and previous owners. With the free VIN Check you can also purchase a full free VIN report if you want more detailed data on that particular car.



Enter VIN code to the form and wait for response.



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If you are happy then you can purchase Full VIN report to see detailed data out that vehicle



After successful payment you can download the Full VIN report from your Email.